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My arms are sore, but it's a good hurt.

My back hurts, but not like it did before.

My legs throb, and I like it.

I'm doing an exercise program where I start out doing very, very small things. Push ups against the wall, for example, or sitting in a chair lifting my legs straight up in front of me. As I get better at those very, very small things I "level up" to very small things. From very small things we go to small things, then medium things, then big things!

Big things, even medium things, may very easily be a couple years away. I've been out of shape for all of my adult life; undoing that lifetime of not doing the things to get me in better shape is going to take a while.

I know I've talked about fitness a lot before. I've made grand promises about how much I wanted to get done and all the change I saw coming in the future. Time and time again I've started out all "Rah, rah, rah!" Time and time again I've failed.

Here's the thing:

I've been doing these exercises for over two months now. This isn't the blush of a new love, we've been seeing each other for a couple months now and I'm still happy.

I can even see some changes happening in my arms and legs. Small changes, to be sure, but changes! More changes than I've seen in the past.

It feels good, even if it hurts a little.
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