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Good morning! Today is looking to be a good day, bright and sunny with a hint of work but nothing longer than an hour or so. Friday's trip out to Baltimore is shaping up nicely and might actually help me get a few things off my 101 Things in 1001 Days list! Awesome.

Ooh, that reminds me that I have to go delete a few things off that list!

Unfortunately one thing I have to leave on the list for now is "own a firearm." I intrepidly left this weekend to go pick up a Ruger 10/22 and found a man not only unwilling to help me but spouting off rules like "we can't sell rifles on the weekend" and "you need to go through a gun safety course and get a safety card." These two rules are things I have never heard of and rules I cannot find anywhere online. When I called on Monday, suspicious that this man simply didn't feel like working, and asked what one needed to purchase a firearm in DE I was told "two forms of ID and money."

So I'm done with Dick's Sporting Goods. I'm going to visit an actual "Gun Shop" today, calling first to find out what I actually need. If it turns out I do need this gun safety course then I'll take it online tonight and be done with it so that I can actually go out there and finally have the firearm my friends intended me to buy with the awesome birthday gift of cash.

4 hours until I go to work. Until then I'll practice the cello, probably play a little Star Trek Online (I have a 5-day trial thanks to Eric, a geeky friend in the area) and make sure the kitchen is clean. After I've been to work for an hour I'll pick up Maria for lunch, then go back to work.

Exciting day, no?


My Puppies!

Mar. 8th, 2010 07:33 am
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These are my two dogs, and Maria's feet under a blanket. Monster, the funny looking Old English Sheepdog, got a haircut yesterday that brought her coat down to almost nothing because I was a bad puppy daddy and had let her get matted all over the place. I hadn't brushed her in a while and didn't realize how bad it had gotten.

Still, it's just hair and it will grow back. Poor silly little girl can't go into sunlight for more than 15 minutes at a time though for fear of sunburn! If it dries out in the back today I'll let them run around for a little bit, bring them back inside, then let them out when the sun is lower in the sky.

Poor girl.

This week looks to be nice. Sounds like I'll be going to Baltimore on Friday to hang out with a new friend and will be at work otherwise. Today and tomorrow I'll put in a couple of hours at the University doing transcription - assuming I pass this ethics test they're making me take - and Wednesday/Thursday I'll be taking over the classes at PetSmart in Dover to prove my training is complete!

Speaking of this ethics course/test I'm being made to take in order to sit down and type reports at the University I'd just like to say "ARGH!" Don't get me wrong; I get why they added this at the last moment but I have to take this course on my own time, take multiple tests, pass them with at least an 80% and THEN I can start working. Not awesome. I'm about 30% done and it has taken me over half an hour to get this far. Grah.

With that note, I should get back to finishing the test so that I can start working at UD. Hope you're all doing well, that today is awesome for you, and that nothing but good things happen to you all.



Feb. 27th, 2009 03:21 pm
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I'm still getting up at 5 am every morning, and that's not so bad. Today I went grocery shopping at 5:30. You know what's great about grocery shopping at 5:30 in the morning? EVERYTHING. No lines, no people in your way, no problems. It's just awesome. Okay, the "getting up before the sun" bit still bothers me; it seems unnatural, but I'm willing to deal. If all goes well I'll soon be going to the gym every morning, working off this small child I've been carrying around for so long.

But why haven't I been going to the gym already? What's been stopping me?

Namely, Roscoe. Remember, the dog I've mentioned several times now? The one in my icon? The 125 lb Mastiff? Yeah, that guy. Think about it: Would you want to go to the SPCA at 8 AM every morning to tire him out after having just gone to the gym? Would you want to play with a dog who could theoretically bite your arm off, after spending an hour working out?

No, I don't think so.

Right now, Roscoe is my work out. My plantir fasciitis* is acting up because I've been jogging with him, but other than that things are going really well. I think Roscoe's going to be adopted within the next couple of days. Yay!

I'm doing well in most things, but tired. I'm not used to trying to be active, trying to stay away from the computer, and working out with a big dog every morning. Add to that the fact that I've felt guilty for going and playing with a strange dog every day, thus feeling the need to play with my two girls (Monster and MaiTai) for at least an hour outside every day, and you'll understand why I'm a touch out-of-sorts.

Of course, my wife's parents are visiting this weekend.

I like them, but them visiting does not make for a relaxing weekend.

Wake me up next week. Around Wednesday.

*Fancy way of saying "ow, my foot hurts!"


Jan. 21st, 2009 03:06 pm
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If there's one thing about me that people need to know, it's my love of big dopey dogs. Neopolitan Mastiff FTW!
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In the past three months, these are the dogs that have been at my home, but not belonged to me:

An old Great Pyrenees

A cute little dog.

American Staffordshire mix

A Terrier mix stray

Two strays

Young stray Rottweiler

Labrador puppies

Just thought I'd share.


Sep. 21st, 2008 09:13 am
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Woke up with a stomach ache that translated into a headache and stomach ache.

Then one of the puppies decided to make a mess inside. A HUGE mess. How could a dog so tiny have so much in him?

Now we're spending the rest of the day out in the backyard with the dogs.



Sep. 20th, 2008 11:02 am
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So, we went to the SPCA today to get another dog to foster. They had mentioned when we got Cody (or last foster dog) adopted that we would probably be taking home some actual puppies next time.

Somehow we came home with 5 2-month old puppies.

I think they use hypnotism to lull us into a decision like that.
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First, there was this cute little guy who got an early spot here on The Pooch Page.

Then, I was given this big lovable dope, who somehow Houdini'd in the night.

The universe at large, not being able to continue going up in size of the stray dogs that wander to me, decided to go up in number.

Two stray dogs.

Next thing I know, I'll have two English Mastiffs making their way into my backyard, followed by a St. Bernard.

I love big, dopey dogs, so of course, I'll be keeping them.

These two in the picture had all their tags on them, which made it easy to call their owner, and get them picked up. Happy ending to the short story. :)

Forgive Me

Sep. 14th, 2008 08:54 am
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As many of you know, I'm a man who likes to chase many dreams.

Thanks to [ profile] ravenofdreams you can follow one of those dreams, should you choose to do so.

The Pooch Page has a Livejournal Feed! You don't have to go anywhere to get your daily dose of cute dogs!

So, there's that.

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Yesterday we went to the SPCA and took Pooh Bear out for a stroll around the local PetSmart. Apparently, the SPCA allows a few nice dogs to go out to the SPCA every Saturday in hopes of attracting people to adopt. Since we wanted to make sure Pooh Bear got a good home (because honestly, we fell a little in love with her, being suckers for nice dogs) we thought this was a good idea. We headed over at around 10 AM, and by 10:30 we were at PetSmart.

By noon I was about ready to give up. People didn't seem interested, and Pooh Bear, having just had surgery, was overly protective of herself, growing at any man that walked by, and going crazy at just about any dog* that went in and out the entrance. I thought we had no hope.

And yet.

We arrived back at the SPCA around 1 PM, feeling slightly defeated until a voice broke through my insulating attitude, "There she is!" I looked up, and instantly recognized the couple that had talked to us for a good ten minutes about whether or not we thought Pooh Bear would be good with a cat and an 8 year old. We had to tell them we had no idea, so I counted them out, but here they were, filling out the paperwork!

Pooh Bear got adopted!


They've never had a dog before, so she's probably going to quickly become the one in charge, but hopefully they'll take our advice and get some lessons. Pooh Bear needs to burn her physical and mental energy, and unless they learn how to take care of a dog properly (she was an impulse adoption, not a fully-informed one, but hopefully they realize that this is a big deal) Pooh Bear will have control of the house inside a week. Maybe the cat will put her in her place? Maybe.

So, on that note, allow me to introduce you to a pup named Cody:

A dog in a cage.

He wasn't doing so well in a shelter, unable to keep food down and getting so skinny that he's nothing but skin and bones. The food they gave him, as well as the atmosphere around him just didn't get along with this sensitive little boy's temperament. He's a sweetie, and a cutie, and while he's a little too aggressive with our girls off-leash so far**, yesterday was only his first day, and the fact that they got along enough to allow us to let them all play off-leash is great!

We've got him for a month to fatten him up, teach him some manners, and generally get him into adopting shape. He already knows all the doggy tricks, from Sit to Roll Over, so we're good there. We just have to make this big guy healthy again!

Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for dogs? Maria is too.

*I say "just about any" because the one dog she was okay with was a Great Dane, roughly 57,384 times bigger than her. Beautiful dog, with nice owners who let me pet him. Heh.

**He, um, tried to hump them. A lot. They were going to bite his face off, but he didn't care. He IS neutered.


Aug. 21st, 2008 10:47 am
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I brought Pooh Bear back to the SPCA this morning so she could get her surgery done now that she no longer has kennel cough. She was fantastic on the ride, and while we sat and waited in the lobby for someone to come take her she did her best to make me feel guilty about bringing her back by looking cute, playing nicely, and being a good girl.

The fact that the staff were asking questions like "She's so cute, are you sure you're not going to adopt her" made it even harder to let her go. The fact is, however, that she doesn't get along with Monster, and that could be a major problem. They tolerate each other, but only if they're both far apart.

When I came home empty-handed, Monster did a full perimeter search for Pooh Bear. Finding the house devoid of the foster puppy, Monster decided it was time to play and made MaiTai's life a living hell for an hour, but a playful living hell.

It was nice of them to play around to help cheer me up.
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A lot of you know much better than I do how certain types of businesses are run, or at least part of what goes into them. Today I'm looking at a non-profit organization and I need your help.

See, we went to the local SPCA* animal shelter yesterday for orientation. We're going to help walk dogs, and probably foster some animals when the shelter needs extra room, or the animals need extra care.

What I saw there was horrible.

The people are doing the best they can. The animals are fairly well cared for, and I have little to no complaints about that, but the people are running themselves ragged.

Right now they have one retired vet that volunteers his time once a week to help out. If he passes away or goes on vacation, they have nobody. They have vet techs that they pay to come in and help, but that gets expensive quickly, and it's a vet tech, not a full-fledged vet. They have a surgeon that comes in once a week to help with neutering and spaying, but again, that's once a week.

What can I do to help them get more people in there? OR, are their things they should be trying to take advantage of to get help that they might not be using? Do vets not normally donate their time to the SPCA for great tax write-offs?

Aside from money, because I don't have any to give, how can this place be helped? Especially counting the fact that they're trying to go no-kill (all of Delaware is) and they have no room for the animals. Can you come up with any ideas? I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have.

*Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals, I think? Either way, an animal shelter with dogs and cats.

Demon Dog!

Jul. 11th, 2008 08:47 am
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Monster looks out the window while MaiTai shows that she's possessed.

"When you peer into the abyss, the abyss peers back into you."

I know eye-shine is common in dogs, and that I'm particularly bad at avoiding it in my pictures of my dogs, but I've never taken a photo that's quite as creepy as this one, and I had to share. The Nietzsche quote (I think it was him?) immediately sprang to mind when I saw how this picture turned out.
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As many of you know, I've started lots of journals over on Blogger, the Google blog network. I have one for zombies, one for pictures, another for weight loss, and even an experimental one for writing video game reviews. Really, I have a lot going on over there. Then I have LiveJournal, and I'm not sure what to use it for.

Well, that's not quite true.

LiveJournal is my place to actually connect with people. Blogger doesn't do it very well, and really I haven't seen a site that feels as comfortable as LiveJournal for that community feeling. I want to connect with folks, make friends, laugh and joke. LiveJournal is the only place I've found that really has that down-home feeling, if you know what I mean?

So, while I probably won't be talking much about zombies here, or posting too many photos, I'm still here, still kicking. I'll still have lots to say, but my focus may shift.

For example, my 5 Things in 5 Weeks lists, or general updates about life. (Monster's doing okay, so you know. Just sick, no blockages or surgery.)

Why am I mentioning this? Why don't I just keep writing and not worry about what the content is going to be? I have no idea. I just felt like writing and this is what came out. That's pretty much how it goes these days; I just sit down with the desire to write, and I figure it out afterwards. Sometimes I surprise myself, and sometimes this is what I put out there.

Hopefully I keep being interesting, because that'll mean my life is interesting, which I enjoy.
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This morning I went in to get my kidneys checked out, and apparently I have both of them. That's good, but means a couple things that I'd rather it didn't mean, like the great possibility that I have to go have another surgery, this time with them putting me under and getting a lot more exploratory, and thus quite a bit more pain afterwards.

Not awesome.

Then my dog Monster is sick. I brought her to the vet office at a little after 1 this afternoon, and just got home, without her. She's staying overnight to go through a Barium sequence, so they can see if she's blocked up or not. I'm guessing so, but hoping not.

And now I'm home.

And I haven't even touched today's workload yet.

And I have to get Maria in about 45 minutes from work.

And I have to cook dinner.

Today is not my day.

So here's a big lizard.

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I'd normally think that a test getting over so quickly (the one I just wrote about for the dogs) would be a bad thing, a thing that meant failure. However, this time, the dogs surprised me, and passed with flying colors! I rewarded them with a carrot when we got home, and now they're wondering where their new friends went.

My wife and I got to watch them on a little black and white monitor. The funny thing was that when MaiTai was on a lead, she was very nervous, didn't want to walk around or meet anyone, and went into shut-down mode, curling into a little ball. For some reason, this prompted Kelli, the lady who was walking her, to take MaiTai off the lead and let her socialize that way. I thought it was a weird reaction, but apparently she knows more about dogs than I do because MaiTai immediately sprang to action, and made friends!

It was great to see my dogs getting along with other dogs.

Speaking of tests getting over quickly, I'm almost done with my class at the college. My final is on the 23rd, but the last class is next Friday. I had a test on Monday, which I'm pretty sure I did fine on. Without the curve I'm guessing I got about an 88%, and with the normal curve (assuming it stays at the average) that'll bring it to over a 90%. I was the first one done, and feel pretty confident. While I wish I could say I was confident I'd have the highest grade in class, there were a few questions that were unexpected.

It looks like I'll be passing the class with about a 3.5 if things go well on the final, but I just don't know for sure. I'm excited to be done with my first ever college class, and look forward to possibly taking another one over the Summer season. Probably a math class. Bah, math, who uses that in the real world?
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Today we're going over to The Doggie Playhouse with our two dogs, and we're getting a temperament test done to see if they'll fit in. We're not allowed to go in the room with them, but can watch how they react via a monitor hooked up in a different room while someone else holds their leads and walks them around a room with other dogs in it.

I'm nervous like the teenager who's just getting their driving license's parent.

MaiTai doesn't react well to other dogs when she's around us. She gets over-protective and nervous. Her nervousness comes out as barking, sometimes even snarling. She loves people, and understands that WE are in charge when it comes to meeting and greeting people, but with dogs she seems to think she's in charge.

Monster's a big Old English Sheepdog, big and klutzy. She's not going to hurt anybody, and loves meeting new puppies/people/cats/birds/spiders/whatever. I'm not really worried about her except that she might get over-exuberant and run over the dogs that are smaller than her. I understand there's a Great Dane* there and so hopefully that will rein her in a little bit if she gets a bit over-the-top.

That being said, time to round them up from the backyard and get going. Cross your fingers for me! I don't want to come home with one dog missing half an ear because she started trouble and the other limping because she decided to try and jump over the Great Dane.

*For non-dog-lovers, think Scooby Do-sized.

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