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After a pretty rough start to the morning, I finally kicked it into gear and got out to finish my shopping for Christmas. I only had one person left on the list, but that person was quite an important one.

Maria would never forgive me if she went present-less on Christmas.

As it turns out, there are a LOT of people out and about a day or two before Xmas. Who would have guessed?

Still, things went well, and I hope my wife is happy. If she's not, well, I'll just have to work harder to make sure she is. I still have tomorrow. :-D


Dec. 16th, 2008 03:38 pm
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I don't remember if I mentioned that I'm finished with class. Last Wednesday was the last one, with a take-home final due that Friday. The final was fairly easy, and I hope I do well as far as my grade in the course. I'm now signed up for English in the Winter semester, and the next Arabic session for Spring.

So now I'm back to being at home all day, working when I can, cleaning the house when I can't work, and generally relaxing in-between those times. This means I'll be posting more regularly, and will be working hard on getting content for some of my other blogs.

Generally, life is less busy which is good, but also a bit more boring, which is bad. Hopefully I can do some stuff to make it less boring.

Like going to the Baltimore Aquarium last weekend with my wife and my friend! That was an awesome time. I don't know what draws me there so much, except for the photo-ops generated by being around such interesting creatures, but I really enjoy it. This time I had another picture-taking-dork with me, Earl, which made it even more fun for me as we both tried to come up with the right settings and perfect timing on every picture.

He succeeded much more than I, but we both got a good number of nice shots.

Maria and I will be returning to our old habit of taking a day trip every month to somewhere within an hour or so of home. Delaware is a nice place, with mostly nice people, but that's about all it is. Nice. Nothing really to do, nowhere to go beyond some historical sites, and as neither of us really care for history all that much we tend to avoid those. So, day trips!

No idea where to go next, however. If you were near Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware, where would you want to go? What would you want to see? Dazzle me!
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What do you folks think about cooking competitions?

I watch Food Network all the time, and am enamored by the thought of getting into some big competitions, but at the same time not sure how to go about even trying to enter one.

Well, that's not entirely true. I know how to enter one, and probably will. The fact that the main ingredient is something I've never eaten in my life doesn't daunt me one bit. I have enough time between now and the cut-off date to come up with a great recipe, but getting there might be expensive if I have to keep buying lots of blue lump crab to experiment on.

Guess I'll just hope I get it right the first time!

One of the best things about me wanting to try something like this is how firmly behind me my wife is. Maria is amazingly supportive, and while I think it's all a big trick to get me to cook her lots of tasty food, the fact that she is not only behind me, but is also pushing me, is a huge boost to my mood.

I'm a lucky guy to have a wife like her, even if she is just in it for the food.
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Also, today was probably the most wonderful day I've had this year.

Maria and I played Scrabble, which I won all three times. I grilled lunch, and dinner, on the charcoal grill that we got for our wedding. I made bread. I...

Mom. Stop reading. I'll put big bold words when it's safe to read again. No, seriously.

I had some fantastic sex. Absolutely mind-blowing. And this time, we didn't break the bed, ruin a lamp, and damage the bedroom.

Okay mom, you can read again.

Overall, it was a really good day. Plus, we now have someone with a riding mower mowing our lawn for a pretty low price, so we don't really have to worry about it. We have the disposable income, so why not help the economy a little bit?

Generally, today was fantastic. I've got to go roll out some dough now, because I'm making fresh-made pita for the hummus I made today. I even roasted the pepper for the hummus myself.

I know this is all random. I've had lots of sun, and my brain is going at a million miles an hour through a sun-soaked fog. I'm just hoping I don't hit a pylon or something on the mental super-highway.

Hope you had a great Memorial Day!
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Sometimes we all do dumb things.

However, this post isn't about that, I'm just saying.

I've got lots to do today and have to work them in around work itself. Working from home is nice, but it also opens up the avenue for Maria to say things like "You've been home all day, did you do the dishes?" It's hard to answer back with "But I had work" when really, I only worked 5 hours.

So the den needs cleaning. Why does the den need cleaning? Because, on June 30th we are going to be hosting a LAN PARTY! It's actually going to just be a huge party where a LAN is also involved, but we're hoping to get a good amount of people here - therefor, the house needs to be cleaned. The den is our computer room, and right now is filled with stacked boxes and still-un-put-away books. We need a way for people to get out back (the den is the last room on the house before going outside, with big slidy doors) without having them trip over my latest stack of Robin Hobb novels.

Then it's on to the ever-encroaching army of dishes, which has been lessened by my Sunday efforts, and I will be able to power through them with about a good half-hours worth of actual work. Cleaning the kitchen afterwards will be tough because, and I say this in all seriousness, I cannot use a broom, but I'll do what I can.

No, really, stop laughing. I have no idea how to properly use a broom. Anything dealing with the floor - a broom, a mop, the big sucky-thing that starts with a "v" that looks wrong no matter how I spell it - I just can't use. I'm deficient. Doesn't everyone have at least one house-hold chore that they seriously just suck at?

In other news, I might be having to go back to the office starting next week, and not be working from home. More hours, but less fun around the house. It's a fair trade off, I suppose.
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Maria and I remember the story a little different, and while mine is a little more action packed, hers is a little more true. That doesn't mean my version of things is a lie, I report them exactly as I remember them, it just means I may have been slightly asleep at the time.

My version:

Bombs were exploding everywhere, the cyborg army was coming for me. I was alone, rushing through the rubble that was once New York City and was now a war zone. I knew they were searching for me, and I knew that if I was caught then my band of resistance fighters were doomed. I couldn't be captured, damn it, it was too important. I couldn't let the bullet wound in my leg slow me down!

There! Ahead! I could see the meeting zone, and someone was waiting for me! Just 100 meters to go, and I could rest!

That, of course, was the signal for the sound of the rolling wheels of the robots to start up behind me, close. A shot rings out, and blood blossoms in the air in front of me. Whose blood? I look down at the stinging hot/cold area in my chest to see that, strangely enough it's my blood. I'm going to die, it seems surreal. The robots stop, having assessed me as dead through their superior technology. There's hope, they just think I'm a random human, not a Package Carrier.

I find the woman who is waiting for me, and as I die I say to her "Take tihs. It must get to Her. You must find a way to get it to Her!" See seems reluctant, so before I die I shove it into her hands, and collapse.

My eyes are bloodied, and I look up at her in a haze, knowing that if she doesn't do this, my life means nothing. As it gets dark my gaze meets her eyes one last time. I mouth the words, not sure if they make a sound, "Go. Just, go." And I die.

Maria's version:

It's the middle of the night, probably early morning. Maria is slightly awake, having probably been startled by my abrupt sitting up. I'm holding a large pillow, and I turn to her. "Miah, is everything okay?" She asks, concerned.

"Take this," I say, offering forth my pillow, "It must get to Her." When she doesn't take it I get angry. "Take it! You have to give it to her!" Again she refuses to take it, looking at me confused, and I shove it violently into her hands.

Then I lay back down, and fall peacefully back to sleep and Maria deposits the "package," my pillow, on top of my head before going back to sleep herself.

Little did she know she was dooming the human race by not delivering that package.
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I was able to log in to work early this morning and drive off the evil demons that infest my queue of transcriptions that were not defeated last night by my lightning fast key strokes. Though it was tough, and there were a few choice moments where I thought that I maybe could be defeated, I pushed on through it and was victorious!

They'll return soon, as more people record their vitriol to be spilled upon the phone company, but I will come back, keyboard in hand, ready to fight. Ready to win!

My love Maria slumbers upstairs, fighting against the gloom of this Saturday in the time treasured manner of ignoring it as best as possible. I think, perhaps, this is a battle she will lose as these grey clouds seems to be here to stay for as long as they can, and she is too productive of a person to stay abed the day long through. A defeat for her, but then she will battle the wars of cleanliness vs. slobiness, minimalization vs. collecting junk, clean vs. dirty and active vs. laziness.

Strangely it appears as though she and I fight on different sides of the battle lines this day. Battles will be fought, feelings will be crushed, and we shall both emerge victorious in our own little ways. We shall make sure to compromise, that way nobody is happy.

Off I go now, to begin the destruction of the dirty dishes. Perhaps Maria has an unexpected ally in one or two of these battles, and it may be that I am my own worst foe. We shall see.


Jun. 1st, 2006 09:24 am
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