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I forgot to ask somebody to take a video of me spinning fire last night because in the heat of the moment I was so nervous that outside thoughts didn't really enter my brain. But I did promise pictures at least so, as promised here they are:

I like this photo because the circles are relatively perfect and that means I was holding my hands properly still while making the circles. Plus, rings of fire:

Out of the set I currently have (there are more) this is my favorite:

This is just a random shot during my spin:

For the record, I did hit myself a couple of times while spinning; once in the face. I never once got set on fire but there is a small patch of hair on my left arm that is missing. My face, thankfully, is fine.

This was easily one of the most interesting and fun things I've ever done and I can't wait to do it again.
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It wasn't mad, and then Maria kicked it a little.

Maria's foot is almost a foot long. That is a 6' snake.

Click this one for a bigger size, then click THAT one for full size. You can see in its eyes that it wants to kill me.
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It was a good weekend. A busy weekend, and a good weekend.

Saturday we were supposed to go to D&D, but the person running it hasn't caught our attention in his game at all, so we opted to call in and get some work around the house done. On and off during the day, I worked at my regular job, finishing an extra 600 records for the week, all while I wasn't helping Maria with other projects around the house.

We also went out to eat. A Vietnamese restaurant that serves some amazing soups (called "Pho") was lunch, and in Maria's case also dinner. She ordered a "Pho To Go" (which rhymes, so now you know how to pronounce Pho). I had Chinese for dinner.

We picked up seeds, peat moss, and vermiculite, all the things I needed for the garden that I'd end up planting on Sunday. Maria helped me cut the benches off our old picnic table that would end up making the frame for said garden. We also grabbed mulch for the front lawn.

The Front LawnThis is what the front lawn looked like after we had our sewer line replaced.  The guys who did the sewer line, unlike most companies, said that they "aren't lawn maintenance guys," so they felt it wasn't their job to make the front lawn look how it did before they started.  They also didn't want to fix the sidewalk that they had to bust through.  This was all okay, in that we have a friend who could (and did) fix the sidewalk for the cost of the cement only, and that we don't mind doing landscaping, but it would have been nicer if they had just done it all themselves, of course.

But, what can you do?  Their prices were reasonable for the services they performed.

And this is what it looks like now, after we fixed it up a little.  We're still missing a rose bush that we want to put in the middle of the mulch, so it doesn't look as barren, but the ground cover should grow in well, and that bush in the very front there?  Yeah, that can grow as big as 15' tall.  Crazy!

I'm looking at this now, realizing I should probably sweep the sidewalk and driveway.  Mulch gets messy.

So that was Saturday.  Saturday was a good day, and Maria thanked me at the end of it for being so awesome.  She likes it when I'm productive, or something.  Weird lady, you know?  But hey, if it takes me doing a little manual labor to keep her happy, I'm not above shoveling some mulch now and then.

It's only fair, after all.  On Sunday she helped me shovel compost for my garden, which is heavier, and has horse shit in it.

Day Trip!

Dec. 21st, 2008 10:05 am
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Recently, Maria, myself, and our friend Earl went to the Baltimore National Aquarium for a nice day trip. You know, something to do.

It was awesome, as expected.

From to sort

Much More )


Sep. 23rd, 2008 06:53 pm
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Maria is not sure of this new "puppy" thing.

Maria and one of the Lab puppies.

But I think she's okay with them and will let them stay for a while.

Maria and a black Lab.
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In the past three months, these are the dogs that have been at my home, but not belonged to me:

An old Great Pyrenees

A cute little dog.

American Staffordshire mix

A Terrier mix stray

Two strays

Young stray Rottweiler

Labrador puppies

Just thought I'd share.

At Demand

Sep. 20th, 2008 11:42 am
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Most of the good shots have to be gone through, and I have to separate a few for The Pooch Page, but as has been demanded of me, here are two quick pictures of the puppies. More later, I promise.

Puppies drinking.

One blond puppy.
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I was on my way to drop something off to Maria at work, when a little blur decided to start running for the road. I calmly stopped and got out to find a little terrier running around with no collar on. I talked to the neighbors in the area who claimed not to know the puppy. I left my address with everyone around so if someone DID come looking, they'd know where to send them.

A small terrier, looking nervous.(Click on the picture for a bigger view)

He was a little nervous at first.

The terrier in my front car seat.

I coaxed him into the front seat, where he sat calmly as I drove to the SPCA.

The terrier falls asleep standing up.

He claimed he wasn't tired.

The terrier laying down on the front seat, head up.

But then he laid down for a while. He didn't nap, but he was definitely a tired little guy.

We went to the SPCA, who promptly told me that as of 2006 they no longer accept dog surrenders as per Delaware law. Apparently, there's one central authority that handles any and all dog surrenders. Okay, so I drove about 20 minutes one way to get a phone number to call. Oh, well, at least they gave us this shiny new leash!

The terrier with a blue collar.

The terrier in grass much taller than him.

He played in the dog run for a while, as we waited for the Animal Control Officer to show up. He almost got out at this point, climbing over a full 5 foot fence! I know how he got free from wherever he was before!

A tired terrier in my front lawn, yawning at the end of his leash.

So, we waited in the front with him on his leash. The officer came, and hopefully the family will call them within 5 days. When I get back from vacation I'll be calling them to see if this little guy was adopted, and if not?

Well, if not we just may have three dogs.

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For those that were curious, we really did go to the Washington DC zoo on Friday, Maria, myself, and Earl. It was a great time! As promised, I have brought back photos.

This first one, while not an animal, was just perfect timing.

Animals under the cut )
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1) Hey all! Over at my zombie blog I've got a poll that I'd love to see get some extra results. If you have a minute, would you run over there, check it out, and let me know your answer? I try to put up weekly polls, and get some great info from them, but this one hold a special place in my heart.

2) I've sort of been forgetting to mention that I've had a bunch of photos published over at Insect POD, so here's a list of the last 7:

Black Aphids
Other Aphids on a pretty flower
Honey Bee
Jumping Spider with a cool story.

Some of those posts have two pictures in them, so make sure to scroll down! (Especially the Black Aphids. David did an awesome job on that with the story and pictures.)

3) I'm starting a new online project, and am looking for submissions. If you're interested in having your dog featured on a premium* website, please feel free to send your pictures to me!

*"Premium," in this particular case meaning "I think it's cool."
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Because we all know that what everyone wants to see is more pictures of my vacation to Baltimore, please enjoy the following! (Really, I took 600 pictures, and about 100 of those are good enough to share, so I have a bunch, but I'm not going to share all 100. Just the ones I like.)

This bullfrog is watching you!

More Under The Cut )

I really look forward to any comments or criticisms you may have to share. I'm always striving to make my photos better, and more interesting.
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I went to the Aquarium, and what did I see?

Lots of little fishies, looking at me!

And frogs. Lots of frogs.

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to get a good picture through the distorting power of glass and water, with poor lighting, but I did my best, filled the Gig of space I had, and pared down the pictures I took to about 100 nice ones to share.

Most of my favorites are of frogs, because I didn't have to contend with the water, but a few others came out really well.

More Big Pictures Under The Cut )

Good Idea

May. 13th, 2008 02:51 pm
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[ profile] theferrett did this, and I think it's a great idea. I've also seen [ profile] popfiend do it, so it's a trend, not just a meme, since the cool people are doing it.

I'd like to know what you look like. In a comment, please post a picture of yourself! Not an icon picture, a big one, a real one, where I can see you!

It's only fair if I do it first, right?

Your turn!


Apr. 5th, 2008 07:51 pm
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Okay, so a few of you have now asked why I haven't shown the house, since I've been taking so many pictures lately. I'll show you:

This is the current state of the living room:

This is the current state of the kitchen:

Another angle on the kitchen (it's huge and I love it):

And then there's this:

As you can see, the house is a horrible mess, and I have unbearably cute dogs in the house, so I hope you understand why I've been having trouble sharing pictures of my house. We're still working to make it picture worthy.

My favorite bit of the house is easily visible when you first walk in:

That'll come in handy in the Winter!

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