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Tonight I made something I've never made before and I just want to catalog it slightly with a couple thoughts on what I would change if I make it again:

I made Thai Red Curry with chicken and potatoes. There's not much more to the dish except onions, garlic, coconut milk and some broth. It was absolutely delicious and even though it was extremely simple (in prep, execution and ingredients) it passed the wife test. Maria quite enjoyed it.

Next time I would only do two things differently:

1. Make more so that I can have leftovers the next day and not just Maria. Of course the fact that she's having it for lunch AND dinner and not complaining about the repeat makes me feel really good about my cooking skills.

2. Add chicken broth instead of vegetable. The chicken broth would have enhanced the overall flavor and brought out the chicken a little bit more.

Delicious. This is definitely something I have to make again. Often.


Jan. 30th, 2009 09:26 am
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I have a one pound beef loin steak sitting in my refrigerator and I'm looking for a recipe. I've made steak au poivre many times, and enjoy it, but something new would be good.

Give me your steak recipes!

Assume that I have all the general pantry items in stock, but nothing too outlandish.

And no, [ profile] reverendfixxxer, "general pantry items" does not include grains of paradise. Other than that, I'm stocked.

Meat Candy

Aug. 19th, 2008 07:18 pm
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Liquid smoke is a fantastic little bottle of liquid, that surprisingly tastes like smoke. It's the next best thing to actually smoking your own meat, as long as you don't use too much and you're slow cooking whatever it is you're using it on.

Or is it the next best thing?

I was dead-set on making this Kalua Pig recipe for dinner tomorrow. In order to do that, since it has a 20-hour cook time, I'd have to start tonight. I got out all three ingredients, except


No liquid smoke.


Well, let's use the internet and see what's similar to liquid smoke. "If you can't find liquid smoke, the best thing to do is smoke your meat." Well, that's unhelpful.

What do I have that might impart a smokey flavor if I slow cook it with the pork? What could I possibly have?

Oh. Yeah!

Meat candy. Bacon! Smoked over hardwood (at least, mine is), and very smokey in and of itself, plus it will help keep the meat nice and wet during the long cooking process.

This should be interesting, and delicious. Hopefully.

If you see a flaw in this plan, you have until 9:30 PM EST to correct me, because then I turn on the cooker and make no changes until dinner time tomorrow. Please make any suggestions you may have before that time.


Jul. 7th, 2008 12:56 am
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I'm working on the crab cake recipe for the competition coming up next month, and while I've only cooked one batch so far I can tell you that I think I've got a potential winner. I have to come up with the proper measurements, write out a recipe, and tweak it here at home first, plus I'm planning on trying a few different variations come this Wednesday, but if I can get this to work properly then I think everything's going to turn out fantastic.

Now I just have to get the recipe on paper and submit it. Out of however many people enter, they're only picking eight finalists! That's not a very high number, and I'm concerned that my recipe may not sound fantastic on paper, but with a title like "Ooey, Gooey, Goodness," how can I possibly lose?
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Okay, I need your help folks, and I know there are people out there that can give me GREAT ideas. I'm trying to cook a nice meal tomorrow for Maria and myself. I'm not exactly stumped, and I have some thoughts as to what I want, but the exacts are missing.

Here's what I want: a meatless (yes, I'm back to eating meat, but we just don't have any right now) taco that is filling, and tastes fantastic.

Here's what I have: Kidney beans, taco shells, LOTS of cheddar cheese, lettuce, sweet tomatoes, most basic condiments (but NO salsa), and just about any dried spice I could ever need*.

How would you make this and have it be tasty? You have all day, as I don't need this until about 4 PM EST, and I'm posting it before midnight, so if you have to think, look around, research, feel free. I just need a little help.

And if there's an ingredient you think you need that I don't mention, let me know, I have more.

*Okay, so no Heart of Paradise, or whatever it is, but I only just heard about that like two weeks ago, and have never used it.


Apr. 18th, 2008 05:30 pm
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Now, I don't know if many of you know, but I've recently gone vegetarian, and along with weight goals, I've been recording the results.

It's been fantastic. I can honestly say that I barely miss meat, and usually I miss it most when I'm watching Food Network, especially Alton Brown. Et tu, Alton?

But then there's what happens when I cook at home. Inspiration strikes, and another meal hits the stove, quick, relatively easy, and very tasty. I haven't been disappointed with any of my vegetarian dishes yet, though I've desperately wanted to so that I could call it a failure and go back to eating things like king crab, or steak. I miss seafood the most, though I used to eat it less than any other meat. That's strange. Since this is a 30-day exercise I'm working on (the vegetarian thing), I'll probably add seafood back in afterwards, but not much other meat.

Tonight's meal came in a burst of inspiration. I made completely from scratch pasta sauce. Peeled some tomatoes, diced onion and garlic, threw them all together. Chiffonaded some basil (cut it into strips), added that, some salt and pepper, a little burgundy, and that's basically it.

I'm doing something you almost never see on Top Chef; actually tasting the food before it's done, and I've got to tell you, I am pleased.

If I keep cooking things like this, I might just stay vegetarian for a very long time.

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