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So, something strange is going on.

For years, I've kept a little pewter goddess figurine above the door to any house I live in. No particular religious significance, but I like having what I've termed my "guardians" watching over me. I usually put some sort of small talisman over the door to any room that I'm going to spend a lot of time in, and then forget about it. This goddess figurine always goes over the front door.

It's been six years that I've been doing this. Something of a ritual on the day I move in, and then completely forgotten about until I move out. In all this time, nothing has disturbed them, or ever moved them out of place. At our last house, they sat in place for 3 years before being moved. Here, they've been in their spots for almost a year.

Except twice now in a short time I've found the little pewter goddess figurine laying on the floor. The first time I attributed to slamming the door too hard, even though I didn't remember slamming the door. The second time I had no real explanation. Each time, I put them back without much thought.

The first time it happened was over the weekend, and Maria's laptop died. Just *blink*, dead. We were able to reformat the hard drive, but no information could be saved. No explanation, just gone.

The second time was today.

Today the screen of my PC died. Fuzzy, white, ghost-like images are all I can get, otherwise it's a completely dead monitor.

I don't know that it means anything. I'm not a superstitious person. Still, if I find that little Lady laying along the side of the doorway again, with the only major electronic left so far untouched being my big-screen tv, I'm going to be concerned.


Jul. 12th, 2006 07:37 am
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I'm feeling strangely maudlin and emotional today. No idea what's up with that - must be the dark clouds and rain, I suppose. They tend to get to me when I'm not looking.

I got a spider bite the other day, and at first it wasn't a big deal, just kind of a dull thrum of pain and a hard spot where I was bitten. Well, it got worse and worse, and to make a long story gross, it exploded, causing quite a bit more pain and discomfort.

Well, it wouldn't be too bad, but this bite? Yeah, it's on the fleshy part of my right hand ring finger, near the tip. I type for a living.

Put it together.


In yet other news, I'm wondering something:

If the world was about to end in some major cataclysm, what would you want your final words to be?

My answers under the cut )
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So on my way home from breakfast and dropping Maria off at work I crossed over a bridge in the car, and had to swerve violently to avoid a behemoth of a turtle! It's legs slowly and surely were carrying it into the middle of morning rush hour traffic, and in the Buffalo area "rush hour" doesn't mean gridlocked traffic, it means RUSH!

I knew I had to do something.

The nearest side street wasn't too far away, probably a tenth of a mile or so. I pulled the car on the side street so as not to block traffic, and ran back to the turtle before some unobservant motorist cracked it in two. That's right, I ran. Okay, jogged. Walked at a fast pace?

I knew as I approached. Knew. This big monstrosity could be nothing other than a Snapping turtle. Yet still I held hope. "Maybe," I thought to myself as I started breathing heavy from what I consider a run and others consider a dorky looking power-walk, "maybe it's just a really big box turtle, or painted turtle! Wouldn't that be nice?"

As I got closer I saw the tail, and all hope was dashed. The dragon-like tail whipped back and forth in fury and the hind-leg talons gripped into asphalt like an eagle's claws grind into mere flesh. This creature, this prehistoric dinosaur, was a Snapper. It's vicious head flung back and forth in warning as I approached, telling me "Back off man, I've got a beak-like nose and a ton of biting power, and I'm not afraid to use it!" The cars had stopped for now, except for one man who approached on a mission similar to mine. He parked his car to block any potential oncoming traffic to allow me to pick up the turtle. Thank you, you brave man, whoever you are, for stopping all the invisible traffic so that random person x (me) could risk his fingers.*

It wasn't small. As I gripped it by the back of the shell, between the front and rear legs but closer to the rear so that the back claws couldn't rake my fingers, and held it away from my body so as not to crush the relatively fragile tail I realized something. This sucker was heavy! If I had to guess its weight I would put it between one hundred and fifteen to one hundred and twenty pounds, give or take** one hundred pounds. Still though, it wasn't a light thing to carry a squirming, trying to eat my fingers, wild animal down a freshly-wet-with-dew-and-surprisingly-steep embankment to put it safely down next to the water it originally came from.

My favorite part was how it kept trying to eat my face. It would duck its head inside the shell and try to surprise me by snapping out and up, bashing the back of its head on the top of the shell, making a loud *WHOMP* noise as it hit. The loud and very audible *click* of its beak-like mouth actually was kind of frightening in a "I'm really glad I'm at the advantage here" kind of way.

So, good deed done for the day. I win.***

Jeremiah: 1
Turtle: 0

*Actually, I do appreciate what he was trying to do.
***+100 experience.
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Supposedly over the next couple of nights there is supposed to be a series of meteor showers caused by an "unusual comet." This bit of news comes from one of Maria's coworkers, and though I can't quite verify it I have been reading some interesting things when I found out about the comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann. This was the one that NASA was busy about a while ago convincing us that it wasn't going to collide with the Earth. I'm not saying that I distrust NASA, but it was right around that time I started learning all I could about canning food and warding off radiation.

Remember folks, radiation is not your friend when it's just running around all willy nilly!

I have been accused of pontificationg too much about zombies, and I feel that for the sake of brevity I will keep this brief:

If rocks from outer space start hitting the ground the time is there to start moving to where you're planning on holing up. If something has happened to your main point (like, say, a huge chunk of glowing green rock crashed through the roof) move on to safety elsewhere.

Keep an eye on the skies folks. If the government isn't the cause of the Zombie Apocalypse, something from the skies will be, most likely.
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It's All Relative

1. How many siblings do you have?
~Four, two brothers and two sisters.

2. Do you get along with your family?
~Now that I no longer live at home and have to deal with the daily we get along great.

3. Think you look like anyone in your family?
~HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Heh. Hoohoohoo. No.*

4. Do you want / do you have any children of your own?
~I'm not a kid person. I know that's going to disappoint a few people in how they think of me, but I just don't see myself as a father.

5. Special plans for Mother's Day?
~My mom lives 3 hours away, so no, but I did buy her a flowering plant, and on Saturday they'll be coming out here to pick up my sister Cora from college, so we'll probably all do breakfast then.

Let Me Tell You About The Way I Am

I've told my paranoid stories so many times that they no longer hold a spark for me. How, upon receiving candy from "A Secret Admirer" at work I figured they had to be poisoned, so I threw them out. How, when the tiny old Italian man came to my door asking to see his "good friends, the Kaufmans," (the previous owners of this house), I immediately assumed he was mafia, and it was payback time. Then there's the time on Thanksgiving evening when I went in search of an open restaurant, I walked into one that claimed to be open, but it was pitch black inside. My first thought was that I'd better get out, and wipe my finger prints off the door in case something had happened. My second thought? Go to the police and tell them, that way if you're implicated you have some kind of alibi.

See, the thing is, these thoughts normally start as comedy in my mind. "Ha, ha, poisoned candy!" Quickly it goes from that to, "Oh, my, god. Poisoned candy!" My mind thinks of the worst case scenario at the start, as a joke, but quickly it transmutes to something else.

For example, zombies and the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse were just a momentary thought after a movie, and now it's turned into a semi-obsession. I joke, and yet every moment it seems I thinking, "What would you do if something happened now?"

There. A little about me to show that I'm just a touch insane. It's a good thing, though. It makes me fun.

*My brothers and sisters are adopted from Korea, and I'm adopted too, but from State-side.
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Friday Five

1. When is the last time you were broke?
~Two days ago, when the stove started leaking gas and I had to give up the little bit of money I had in order to help purchase a new one. Now, however, I am getting that money back because Maria got profit sharing this quarter at her job! Yay!

2. What makes you lose focus?
~Just about anything from a video game to a umm I'm going to go play a video game now.

3. How tall are you?
~Five foot eleven and three quarters, damn it.

4. Are you brave or cowardly?
~You know, I'm pretty cowardly in non-serious situations. Spider? Run like hell is coming after you! Serious situations? Well, I'd like to think I'd be brave, but thankfully I've only been in a few situations I thought were serious enough to warrant bravery, and I did what I had to do.

5. What's in your pocket?
~Well, about $15 in my front right pocket and my mostly empty wallet in my left front pocket. And I guess my hand as I search each one.

Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Me
And Might Not Want To
but maybe should

1. I'm extremely creative in my head, but the minute it comes to putting it down on paper I go blank. Whether it's drawing (which I can't do) or writing (which I try to do), once I look at that blank page, my mind copies it. As I write this right now, that's exactly what my brain is doing, going blank.

2. If I had to choose one meal to eat for the rest of my life, and I could have any variation of that type of meal as long as it remained the same basics, it would be soup and sandwich. Many people would think of me as a steak and potatoes kind of guy, but I prefer soup and sandwich over just about anything else. I guess it's the little kid in me.

3. I don't talk much about religion, so here you have my answer: I believe. All of it. Everything. It all exists, and they're all right. Everything. Yup. Deal with it. You get exactly what you believe you deserve.

4. I still want to grow up to be a ninja. This is just another proof of me being a big kid. Nothing wrong with that, right? I hope I never grow into an adult because then I couldn't be a Toys R Us kid.

5. I often experience time displacement. It's not as simple as I think it's Tuesday when it's really Friday, but that happens all the time. Instead, I sometimes think it's 2009, but it's actually 2004, oh, wait, 2006. I even thought I was 29 the other day, to the point where I corrected my mom on a bit of family knowledge, and got some really weird looks from the rest of my family. I have no idea why this happens, but it's definately weird.
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If my life were a book I'm pretty sure about now people would be telling me that "A storm is coming," or maybe strange people would whisper to me in the night that "The time is right." In actuality, though, it'd probably be something more subtle like "You've got red on you."

Nothing strange has happened, and my life isn't anywhere unexpected, but for the past few days I've felt as though everything is holding its breath and waiting, pausing for the moment before the huge outlet of whatever it is that's coming this way. The sky looks different, the air feels lighter but heavier at the same time, and I'm aware of changes where there used to be none.

Of course, in reality I realize this is most likely just wishful thinking. No big epic story is about to unfold in which I serve a main role. Instead, even if an epic story was about to unfold, I'd probably be the guy they mention in the background who can be seen peeking through a window, or if I do get a speaking part it'd probably be one line. Maybe two.

The sky is a gray haze that barely allows the morning sunlight to stream through, making it seem much earlier than it already is. Everything has a faint shimmer to it, as the last of the fog rolls away. It's the kind of morning where something strange could happen, or nothing unusual at all. It has the feel of a teeter-totter, perfectly balanced, waiting.

Most mornings are like this lately.

I know I'm waiting. Holding my breath, figuratively of course, hoping something happens, and at the same time not wanting anything to happen. Adventure usually means that bad things happen to good people, and while I want a good adventure, I never want to see good people hurt. Guess I'll just have to make sure we work towards saving them all, then.

Maybe three lines.

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