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Jul. 16th, 2010 04:38 pm
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Heading to Buffalo for a few days to hang out with friends and do some more job hunting. I will probably not be online half as much as usual as I will be constantly busy. Or sleeping. Either one will make me happy.

If you have something you need me to know you can comment here or email me (jmfargo@gmail.com). I will get to it as soon as I can; I'll probably check email at least once a night before bed. Any less than that might just send me into detox and that's just not right.

And if you're in the Buffalo area and want to hang out, well, write to me! I don't have a phone. I'll be there until Tuesday or Wednesday or until Derek and Kath kick me out if they get tired of me before then.


Apr. 12th, 2010 06:55 am
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I had an absolutely fantastic weekend. Maria was away with friends both Friday and Saturday. I tried to have some people over on Saturday but plans fell apart. It might sound like I'm complaining, but I swear I'm not!

I had some alone time, watched some movies, worked 10 hours on Saturday (which wasn't as bad as it sounds) and did my work outs. Generally, I was either too busy, too relaxed, or too tired to really care about anything else. Had my friends come over on Saturday I might have fallen asleep with them here.

I've been sore and generally fatigued lately from my work outs. I know that a work out is supposed to (according to experts and crazy people) give you more energy and while that may be true it doesn't also give me a magical ability to stop feeling sore, or cease my muscles from being worn out. Eventually I know it will become easier. Theoretically? Maybe?

I'm pushing myself rather hard, actually. I know this goes against all professional fitness advice but I believe that when I let myself go easy with my fitness regiment I tend to go too easy and stop altogether. I honestly think that I have to push myself to where I think my limit is and then go at least one step beyond before I feel satisfied with what I'm doing. Is this good? I have no idea. All I know is that despite the general body aches, I feel awesome and I'm losing size.

Sunday? Sunday I spent with Maria and a bunch of friends with a Meet Up group watching Ingmar Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage, then discussing it. Very depressing but darkly hilarious movie. The discussion afterwards was lively but we had to bow out relatively early to come back and make sure the dogs were doing okay. It was a good time - I enjoyed the people and the new experience.

Really, it was a fantastic weekend. Looking back I couldn't point out any one thing but I enjoyed my "me" time and I enjoyed spending time with friends. I think it was generally a good balance. Even at work it was nice to get to see some of the huge dogs. Heh. A European Great Dane named "Bob," for example, whose name is too short for his size.

How was your weekend?
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alt How's everyone doing? Today's shaping up to be another rainy day and I'm very happy that I don't have a basement. Areas everywhere here on the east coast seem to be flooding - any problems in your area?

I'm feeling good today, hopeful and happy. I'm stopping myself from starting a million and one projects because I know if I do jump into them all I'll lose time/focus on the many projects I already have happening. This is a problem with me; I'll often get into the mood to start as many different things as I can and then end up not getting anything done. I have to focus.

Speaking of staying focused, this weekend was awesome. (No, those two things DON'T have anything to do with one another. Why do you ask?) Had friends over one night, talked late into the evening, then spent the rest of the weekend with Maria. We used one of our gift cards to go to our favorite local restaurant, a nice little Italian place where the owner always seems to be there and recognizes us on sight (Soffritto Grill). We talked with the owner, Giovanni, when he came over to ask how my seafood Alfredo came out a week or so ago.

See, I wanted to make something special for Maria but had never actually made seafood Alfredo. Soffritto Grill has the best scallops we've ever had so I called and asked him if he'd be willing to share his secret, and he did! I didn't actually expect that. He was happy to hear it came out really well. Not perfect, but well. He suggested I practice every weekend and have Maria be my tester; she thought that sounded like a good idea.

Then we came home, spent some time watching movies and just had a really nice night. The weekend was relatively calm, relaxed, and generally nice. It was good to get some time with my wife.

How was your weekend?
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I went to a two hour meeting at work today and on my way home I was thinking I had wasted my time because everything they went over I already knew. Then I had a revelation: I made money sitting there doing nothing but listening and talking a little bit.

I was suddenly okay with this meeting.
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It was a good weekend. A busy weekend, and a good weekend.

Saturday we were supposed to go to D&D, but the person running it hasn't caught our attention in his game at all, so we opted to call in and get some work around the house done. On and off during the day, I worked at my regular job, finishing an extra 600 records for the week, all while I wasn't helping Maria with other projects around the house.

We also went out to eat. A Vietnamese restaurant that serves some amazing soups (called "Pho") was lunch, and in Maria's case also dinner. She ordered a "Pho To Go" (which rhymes, so now you know how to pronounce Pho). I had Chinese for dinner.

We picked up seeds, peat moss, and vermiculite, all the things I needed for the garden that I'd end up planting on Sunday. Maria helped me cut the benches off our old picnic table that would end up making the frame for said garden. We also grabbed mulch for the front lawn.

The Front LawnThis is what the front lawn looked like after we had our sewer line replaced.  The guys who did the sewer line, unlike most companies, said that they "aren't lawn maintenance guys," so they felt it wasn't their job to make the front lawn look how it did before they started.  They also didn't want to fix the sidewalk that they had to bust through.  This was all okay, in that we have a friend who could (and did) fix the sidewalk for the cost of the cement only, and that we don't mind doing landscaping, but it would have been nicer if they had just done it all themselves, of course.

But, what can you do?  Their prices were reasonable for the services they performed.

And this is what it looks like now, after we fixed it up a little.  We're still missing a rose bush that we want to put in the middle of the mulch, so it doesn't look as barren, but the ground cover should grow in well, and that bush in the very front there?  Yeah, that can grow as big as 15' tall.  Crazy!

I'm looking at this now, realizing I should probably sweep the sidewalk and driveway.  Mulch gets messy.

So that was Saturday.  Saturday was a good day, and Maria thanked me at the end of it for being so awesome.  She likes it when I'm productive, or something.  Weird lady, you know?  But hey, if it takes me doing a little manual labor to keep her happy, I'm not above shoveling some mulch now and then.

It's only fair, after all.  On Sunday she helped me shovel compost for my garden, which is heavier, and has horse shit in it.

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It started Friday afternoon with a trip to the gun range. Now, when I thought "gun range" in the past, I thought of either an indoor range that sort of resembles what you see in police-training movies, or outdoor ranges like you see in military training, either one run by some rotund "good-ole-boy" who can tell you about any firearm you could bring him. He's a presence in the background, watching everyone fire, making sure everybody is safe. The targets are provided by the range, and pop up automatically, or are carried by hook out to whatever range you want to practice at.

In reality, this gun range was on state park land out in the open, you set up your own targets, and there was zero supervision.

Either way, I have now fired a handgun, and know how to properly care for (clean out/store/fire) a handgun, as taught by my friend John. Yay!

Most of Saturday was taken up by the evening D&D game that went 3 hours longer than normal, but before that we were rummaging around at the University. The University of Delaware has a large plant sale every year called "Ag Day," and with it comes a flea-market-like area of tents and things to do. We wandered for a time, picked up all the plants I could want for the garden, and a bush for our back corner. We weren't there long, and didn't spend all our money, so of course I had to try some homemade ice cream (The UD Farm has cows), and it was the creamiest ice cream I've ever had.

When we got home, we planted the flowering Hydrangea bush out by our back fence with hopes that, since it's a vine, it will spread far and wide on our fence and look cool all year round. Since I was in a planting mood, but my garden area wasn't ready (I had to till it) I dug a hole and planted my rosemary bush. According to a "Master Grower" at Ag Day, rosemary bushes hate being indoors, and hate being potted plants, which means I did everything exactly wrong with it, which is probably why it was three quarters dead. Hopefully it'll spring back up and come to life.

We also bought some peppermint that we planted near the dog run to overcome the smell of, well, the dog run.

Once everything was planted, we went to our friend's and played D&D for 9 hours. Longest. Night. Ever. But fun. Lots of fun. Home at 1, in bed by 1:15, asleep by 1:17.


The garden is done, planted with tomatoes, basil, hot peppers, carrots, spinach, and peas. I could have added in some sweet peppers, but last year they didn't do so well, and I didn't want to crowd the garden, so I saved those.

The dog run is weed-whacked, shopping has happened, and tonight I'm going to the library with my wife where I have a mission to pick up a book on the Civil War for my mom. A full day, and a satisfactory one.

How's your weekend been, so far?


Feb. 27th, 2009 03:21 pm
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I'm still getting up at 5 am every morning, and that's not so bad. Today I went grocery shopping at 5:30. You know what's great about grocery shopping at 5:30 in the morning? EVERYTHING. No lines, no people in your way, no problems. It's just awesome. Okay, the "getting up before the sun" bit still bothers me; it seems unnatural, but I'm willing to deal. If all goes well I'll soon be going to the gym every morning, working off this small child I've been carrying around for so long.

But why haven't I been going to the gym already? What's been stopping me?

Namely, Roscoe. Remember, the dog I've mentioned several times now? The one in my icon? The 125 lb Mastiff? Yeah, that guy. Think about it: Would you want to go to the SPCA at 8 AM every morning to tire him out after having just gone to the gym? Would you want to play with a dog who could theoretically bite your arm off, after spending an hour working out?

No, I don't think so.

Right now, Roscoe is my work out. My plantir fasciitis* is acting up because I've been jogging with him, but other than that things are going really well. I think Roscoe's going to be adopted within the next couple of days. Yay!

I'm doing well in most things, but tired. I'm not used to trying to be active, trying to stay away from the computer, and working out with a big dog every morning. Add to that the fact that I've felt guilty for going and playing with a strange dog every day, thus feeling the need to play with my two girls (Monster and MaiTai) for at least an hour outside every day, and you'll understand why I'm a touch out-of-sorts.

Of course, my wife's parents are visiting this weekend.

I like them, but them visiting does not make for a relaxing weekend.

Wake me up next week. Around Wednesday.

*Fancy way of saying "ow, my foot hurts!"


Jun. 2nd, 2008 07:02 pm
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I was gone over the weekend. The high points:

  • Maria's birthday was Sunday! Send her good wishes!

  • My sister Cora's graduation party was nice, and I'm very proud of her!

  • My father and I don't see eye to eye, but unlike how it would have been years ago, we still parted happy to have seen each other for the weekend.

  • I saw my birthday present, which will someday be a nice apron for me.

  • The dogs went to puppy daycare, and were, in the words of their primary watcher, "absolutely fantastic!"

  • Despite some minor incidents (my father's side of the family definitely doesn't like my purple hair), things were nice, and it was great to be able to be there for my sister. Five and a half hours is a long drive, but it's not so bad when you're going somewhere to have a good time.

    Still, as is always the case, the ride home seemed much faster than the ride there. Could be because we were heading home in daylight hours rather than evening, but there's always something nice about getting back home after a weekend away.

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