Jul. 31st, 2010 02:32 pm
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I want to write a well-written entry but my brain isn't working right now. All I know is that I have amazing friends who do so much for me, even ones I haven't seen in 10 years.

I have never expected such kindness from people, but there it is.

My friend Jessie sang this song specifically for me at karaoke and I almost broke down in the middle of the bar:

I am blessed.
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I'm in town until Sunday. If you don't have the number it's (315) 363 7578. Call me, come hang out with me, keep me busy! This is my week to just go have some fun; help me cut loose!
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I am feeling GOOD this morning! How are you?

I went out last night with our friend Susan who just returned from Haiti. We went to a local Competitive Scrabble club where I was beaten so thoroughly that I'm sure quantum replications of me winced when I looked at my scores. Four times. It was painful and a disgrace.

So of course I'll be going back! It was definitely a lot of fun and I was happy to spend some time with Susan and getting to know all these other people that were there. They made me feel young, being as they were all about 60 and above.

That was my highlight so far this week. I think I'll be going back every now and then since you don't get better if you don't play, especially if you can't find good opponents like these people. I learned so much about Scrabble in one night that I haven't learned in several years of playing; it was crazy!

What did you do last night? Anything fun?
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We've been living in Delaware for just over a year now, owned our house for just under a year. I'm trying to think back to how long it took me to meet people when I first moved to Buffalo, NY and I'm realizing that our time frame for making friends is actually way ahead of schedule.

In Buffalo it was two years before I got to know anyone aside from Maria. Here in Delaware I've met fellow geeks, and was gaming with them before six months was up. Now Maria and I are using to join some cool (to us) groups and meet people. It'll be nice to have friends who want to do more than just play D&D.

Of course, that being said, our D&D friends have started including us in non-D&D stuff. It's a nice feeling.

Things are definitely starting to look up on the social side of things. There's still nothing to do, but at least there are people to not do it with.
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Maria and I will be visiting Western New York starting on the 27th and going until the 1st. Anyone want to hang out? If so, when's the best time for you? What days are you available? What do you want to do?

Let us know!
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Listen, I've been having trouble getting a face-to-face group together, so I'm thinking about running a game via Skype and some mapping program that is yet to be determined.

I'd like to run a D20 Modern game based in a world similar to the Dresden Files books (and similar) where magic is hidden, but potent; the world hangs in the balance, but forces on either side work to tip the balance; a small shift can bring about major change. Intrigue, action, and mystery.

You know, fun stuff.

Is anybody interested?

NERO Ahoy!

Jul. 10th, 2006 09:48 am
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Yesterday was fun. I talked with some friends that I see only about twice a year, got to roleplay a fun scene for an hour or so before the players of the game decided it was time to kill me, and was treated to bacon-wrapped scallops cooked on the grill when I got home.

There's not much more you can do better in one day.

And now a few quick announcements before I get to work* today.

1) For all three of you that are in my D&D group (hi [ profile] turbotroll, [ profile] ariochqw, and [ profile] venakali!), game is on for Wednesday. I guess we'll all just eat before-hand like we have been doing? Prepare for this game to potentially go late, as this will be the last Wednesday game we play, so if we want the campaign to end and not just fizzle like most of them..well..a lot needs to get done.

2) Party Plans Made. Sunday, July 30th. If you are in the area, will be visiting, or whatever, we are going to have a day-time bring-a-dish-to-pass party on the 30th. It will go from 11 until about 5 or whenever everyone goes home. Since most people work on Monday I don't know that we'll have people here until 5:30am the next day, but it's been known to happen once or twice. Please let me know if you're interested in attending.

3) I'm not wearing a shirt and almost never do when I'm working fom home because I find them to be too constrictive. Hah! Now you've got that picture in your mind!

4) There is no number 4.


Jun. 4th, 2006 11:25 pm
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Went out with a few friends tonight to celebrate the college graduation of our youngest friend Laura, and it was fun to see her not be super quiet - she seemed to have a good time which was really cool since the night was all about her*.

First we went to a steak and seafood place called the Boston Hotel Steak and Seafood restaurant. I've been there before, and knew that their king crab was reasonably priced for around here, that the food was good, and that it was a perfect dive atmosphere for the group that we had. All in all, it was pretty nice to me. I hope everyone enjoyed their food as much as I did, but I don't know that they did - I was the last one savoring my food, so my assumption is they stuffed it down to get the bad taste out of the way. People do that, right?

Afterwards we tried to go bowling, and it was closed. Closed so completely that the owner leaving it gave us a look for asking if it was closed and where we might be able to go to bowl since he said it was closed. Ended up he couldn't think of any bowling alley that would be open on a Sunday "this time of year." So we went for ice cream. Yay Dairy Queen!

Following a brief yet messy and satisfying ice cream fight (I won) we decided to try one more bowling place. Earl was outgoing and proactive like normal, and called ahead to see if they were open.

They were, and they had $1 games for the night! Jackpot!

The only part about bowling that will be spoken of is the fact that I won the first game with a 124 - probably my best game, ever. After that, well, we shall not speak of the fact that I couldn't break 100 if my life had depended on it. It was my shoes. They were sticky. Or sliding. Whichever is worse.

Great night. I'm always happy to hang out with good friends and get in some good times. I think everyone had fun, and that means a lot to me. I just like it when plans work out for everyone. I'm strange like that.

Now? Definately bed time. I've had a long day, and I don't even know if I have work tomorrow.

*Well, her and good food. What? Good food goes with everything.

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