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Jan. 27th, 2009 06:45 am
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1. I made it to the top 40 in LJ Idol! Somehow I got through The Gatekeeper vote. I guess people liked my look at science as wizardry. Yay!

I'd like to add, however, that this elimination was tough. I'm amazed to see who ended up not moving on, and really thought that most of the 14 who are leaving us were going to continue on much longer than me in the competition.

2. I've started watching Torchwood, the Dr. Who spin-off. I'm 5 episodes in and I have a question for those of you who have seen the show: Does Gwen (the main character) EVER get smarter? Right now she's part of this ultra-top-secret alien-hunting group, and she's a complete and total ditz. She messes up in a major way at least twice an episode. It's horrible.

3. Maggie, our pit bull puppy, actually slept through the night last night, allowing us to go to sleep within a half hour of going to bed. Hopefully this trend continues and she'll eventually stop whining at bed time. That would be nice. I need my beauty sleep.


Sep. 20th, 2008 11:02 am
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So, we went to the SPCA today to get another dog to foster. They had mentioned when we got Cody (or last foster dog) adopted that we would probably be taking home some actual puppies next time.

Somehow we came home with 5 2-month old puppies.

I think they use hypnotism to lull us into a decision like that.
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Yesterday we went to the SPCA and took Pooh Bear out for a stroll around the local PetSmart. Apparently, the SPCA allows a few nice dogs to go out to the SPCA every Saturday in hopes of attracting people to adopt. Since we wanted to make sure Pooh Bear got a good home (because honestly, we fell a little in love with her, being suckers for nice dogs) we thought this was a good idea. We headed over at around 10 AM, and by 10:30 we were at PetSmart.

By noon I was about ready to give up. People didn't seem interested, and Pooh Bear, having just had surgery, was overly protective of herself, growing at any man that walked by, and going crazy at just about any dog* that went in and out the entrance. I thought we had no hope.

And yet.

We arrived back at the SPCA around 1 PM, feeling slightly defeated until a voice broke through my insulating attitude, "There she is!" I looked up, and instantly recognized the couple that had talked to us for a good ten minutes about whether or not we thought Pooh Bear would be good with a cat and an 8 year old. We had to tell them we had no idea, so I counted them out, but here they were, filling out the paperwork!

Pooh Bear got adopted!


They've never had a dog before, so she's probably going to quickly become the one in charge, but hopefully they'll take our advice and get some lessons. Pooh Bear needs to burn her physical and mental energy, and unless they learn how to take care of a dog properly (she was an impulse adoption, not a fully-informed one, but hopefully they realize that this is a big deal) Pooh Bear will have control of the house inside a week. Maybe the cat will put her in her place? Maybe.

So, on that note, allow me to introduce you to a pup named Cody:

A dog in a cage.

He wasn't doing so well in a shelter, unable to keep food down and getting so skinny that he's nothing but skin and bones. The food they gave him, as well as the atmosphere around him just didn't get along with this sensitive little boy's temperament. He's a sweetie, and a cutie, and while he's a little too aggressive with our girls off-leash so far**, yesterday was only his first day, and the fact that they got along enough to allow us to let them all play off-leash is great!

We've got him for a month to fatten him up, teach him some manners, and generally get him into adopting shape. He already knows all the doggy tricks, from Sit to Roll Over, so we're good there. We just have to make this big guy healthy again!

Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for dogs? Maria is too.

*I say "just about any" because the one dog she was okay with was a Great Dane, roughly 57,384 times bigger than her. Beautiful dog, with nice owners who let me pet him. Heh.

**He, um, tried to hump them. A lot. They were going to bite his face off, but he didn't care. He IS neutered.


Aug. 21st, 2008 10:47 am
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I brought Pooh Bear back to the SPCA this morning so she could get her surgery done now that she no longer has kennel cough. She was fantastic on the ride, and while we sat and waited in the lobby for someone to come take her she did her best to make me feel guilty about bringing her back by looking cute, playing nicely, and being a good girl.

The fact that the staff were asking questions like "She's so cute, are you sure you're not going to adopt her" made it even harder to let her go. The fact is, however, that she doesn't get along with Monster, and that could be a major problem. They tolerate each other, but only if they're both far apart.

When I came home empty-handed, Monster did a full perimeter search for Pooh Bear. Finding the house devoid of the foster puppy, Monster decided it was time to play and made MaiTai's life a living hell for an hour, but a playful living hell.

It was nice of them to play around to help cheer me up.
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Our dogs aren't sure what to make of the new addition. Their "cousin" as we call her is smaller than either of them, fairly well-behaved except for a little puppy excitement, and growls at them in a "this is my house" kind of way through the fence when they meet.

It's weird.

Monster and MaiTai will be okay with her eventually, we think, and she'll be okay with them. I'm glad we picked her up on Saturday so that we could have almost all of today and all of tomorrow together to get them used to one another. I think we'll probably do it that way in the future too.

We have Pooh Bear until the 19th, when her medicine for kennel cough is done, and then we bring her back to the SPCA. She'll get spayed and put up for adoption, hopefully going to a fantastic family!

You'd think that there would be a problem letting go, and there may be. Still, when you foster dogs you have to get used to letting the dogs go, otherwise you'd end up with 17 dogs and be unable to help any others. That's not the goal here, and so you have to just learn to say "Goodbye."

The best way to do that is to focus on the fact that the foster animal will be going back to get a good home, and that your influence on their life is a way to get them both well placed and perhaps a little more used to the world around them.

Do you think that's a good way to look at it? Would you be able to let go?
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Okay, so I'm obviously a sucker for dogs. Seriously.

Well, a BIG sucker for dogs.

Today we went over and volunteered at the SPCA to walk dogs. I took two out, played a bit, walked a bit, and generally had a good time. We had expressed an interest in fostering, and I know you can see where this is going, right?

Poo Bear, a terrier mix breed dog.

Meet "Pooh Bear." No, we didn't name her. Also, no, we didn't adopt her. She's our "trial run" foster dog. She has kennel cough and needs to be put on medicine for the next 9 days before she can be spayed and put up for adoption.

At the moment she's got a spot in our bathroom. Since she has kennel cough we're trying to limit her interaction with Monster and MaiTai, but still give her love and attention. It's going to be an interesting juggling act, but not an impossible one.

The first few days I'm figuring will be the worst. She doesn't quite understand that MaiTai and Monster want to meet her, not eat her, so she gets defensive. She's not aggressive; when they're not paying attention to her on the other side of the fence she doesn't care, but she is defensive; when they start barking up close and personal through the fence, she gets snarly.

Once they get used to each other I think we'll let them interact more, and just be careful to wash our hands, not let them drink from the same bowls, etc.

I mean, isn't she just adorable?

Pooh Bear, the terrier mix.

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