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Note: I would guess that reading a bunch of my to do lists has gotten kind of boring. Please understand that eventually I will go back to being that hip, hilarious, and awesome guy you're used to reading (or, well, as close as I ever get) but that right now I just need to kind of chronicle plans, keep track of what's going on, etc.

That being said:

I think that over the next few days or weeks, depending on how long it takes me to get a job, I will have to keep busy. It's really the best thing I can possibly do. For this I have come up with a list of things I'd like to try to do every day until I get a job. After I get a full-time job somewhere this will be altered to something else, but right now I just need to focus.

So here's what I'm thinking, and I'd love some feedback:

1. Apply to 5 new jobs

2. Hula-hoop for 15 minutes minimum

3. Spin poi for 15 minutes minimum

4. Practice the cello for 15 minutes minimum

5. Shower/Shave/Medicine (not much of a "to do" but it's important)

6. Work out, whether at a gym or at home using what I have on hand

7. Read

8. Go for a walk

9. Take photographs

10. Write

Not much of a list, really, and some of it probably seems silly to other folks, but I need to do new stuff, try new things, push my limits and keep busy. But what am I missing? Thoughts?

Life Is Fun

Feb. 9th, 2009 10:33 am
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So I just finished my Linguistics Winter class on Friday. Winter classes are fun because you go to class longer each day, but for a shorter amount of time overall. The teacher has to cram a bunch of knowledge into your brain (or tell you to do it yourself) and generally everyone's a bit more frazzled.

Today would be the first day of Arabic 106 (Intermediate Arabic), except that any classes before 4pm are not in session. I have no idea why they do that on the first day of class, but I like it. I feel bad for the students whose classes are after 4, but I'm not one of them, so I'm not that worried.

Meanwhile, work has picked up again to where I'm earning decent money. A few contractors got let go, so there's more work to go around. I think the manager wanted to make sure she kept the good contractors, and in order to do that had to make sure to have some work in queue for us. I'll say this: It's nice to have put in a full days work before 11 AM. I don't think I could do that with any other job unless I started working before 9.

Social life has gotten busier too. With the addition of to my life I've started finding some really cool things to do around here. The game night last night was a potluck dinner with lots of people at a really cool location. The next thing I want to do is go with the Adventure Group to one of their outings; they cost a lot of money, but they're usually something cool like learning how to ride a Harley, or how to make sushi. Diverse, and cool. Then there's the musician group, and the roleplaying group, and then, and then, and then.....

Things are good.

Now that I'm done with work, it's time to start cleaning the house.

My day just went from "AWESOME" to "Man, that sucks."

Not really. I'm in a great mood! Today rocks!
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Before doing anything else today, I must do the following:

1. Go to class
~Class was fun today. We got to talk about African-American English. Unfortunately out of 25 people in our class, 24 are White, and one is Latino, so I felt as though the conversation was lacking a fair and balanced point of view. Maybe that's just me.

2. Deposit the insurance check
~Done. Now have a funny story to tell later about the teller.

3. Work
~For the first time in about 4 months I'm actually making some good money at Prosodie. Beth is supposedly going to start making it even easier for the good contractors to keep earning their keep.

4. Make a grocery list
~Even better, I went grocery shopping.

5. Remind Maria to pay the bills
~I turned around and told her "pay the bills." Done.

6. Give the girls their heart worm pills (shouldn't they be called "anti-heart worm pills?")
~Maria actually gave it to them with dinner, but they got them, and that's what really matters.

After that, the day is mine to do what I want. There are a few things that I would like to do, such as these:

1. Finish Half Life 1

2. Start Half Life 2

3. Begin sorting tools in workshop

That should take up most of my day. I'm lazy; I don't like aiming high.


Jan. 22nd, 2009 10:33 am
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Interesting post later. Dealing with a huge heaping of "don't wannas" today. Maybe it's the Winter? Maybe it's just a lot of stuff. I don't know. Fighting with my brain to make myself get to class, get homework finished, shower, all that usual stuff that most people do without really thinking about it.

Doing okay, not angry/sad/depressed, or whatever. Just "don't wanna." *shrugs*

Going to.
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There's something very soul-fulfilling about cooking. When a recipe turns out just right, whether it's new or so old that I could almost do it blindfolded, it wipes away a bad day, regenerates my mood to a good one, brings me back to myself. It's a fantastic change. When I cook well on a good day, it can almost be magical. I barely overstate this.

I tried a new recipe tonight after spending an entire day shopping at different markets to get the right ingredients; fresh ingredients. Maria went hunting for some Thai recipes and found Spicy Thai and Basil Chicken*, along with three others that she thought we would both enjoy.

She was right.

Cooking it was simple, but the end result was a myriad of complex flavors. For my first time making this dish, I was very pleased with myself. I don't normally make stir fry; that's Maria's job. The chicken came out done perfectly, and the flavors were awesome.

I'm happy, content.

I'm also making chicken stock from the bones and leftover bits of the chicken breasts that Maria separated before I cooked. I haven't made stock very often, but again it feels good, and I'm happy.

Tomorrow, the zombies could come knocking on my door, and I'd always remember today as a good day. If the zombies don't come, however, I'm going to try to top today. It should be interesting. Or a disaster. Either way, it'll be fun.

*A tiny adjustment was made of one more garlic clove and no garlic salt. The oyster sauce gave plenty of salt without the need for more.
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Remember the wish list I posted a while back? I figured I might get one or two of the things if I was very lucky, seeing as I'd been a good boy this year, and Santa probably liked me.

Turns out, I doubled my expected return on the list. 4 things given by 5 people. That's absolutely awesome and completely unexpected. The things I figured I'd get would be the cheaper things, and that would be from Maria.

I'm blown away. Thank you folks.

That being said, I'm going to post the remainder of the list. Not because I expect to get anything (the remaining stuff is quite expensive for the most part) but for my own information down the line. Sort of a check to see if this is stuff I should be saving for, or if they were just flights of fancy in the moment and not something I really want so bad.

1. A DSLR camera

2. Ages of Empires: Collector's edition

3. Fallout and/or Fallout 2

4. Rosetta Stone: Arabic

5. 4th Edition D&D core rulebooks

6. A leather jacket
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In two days, I have reduced our monthly bills by roughly $80. If things keep working out like this, soon the utilities will be giving me money!

Well, okay, maybe not, but it's nice to have things falling into place. I'm dropping our cable service, slowing down our internet, and removing a few features from the telephone that didn't really matter. I've downgraded our internet packages (for LARP USA and WNY Portfolio, Maria's business) since neither of us are really doing any business from home any more.

Getting rid of the unnecessary is good. I'm not doing this because of the economy or anything, really. I'd just like to have some extra money on-hand for when we want to go out, or fix up the house, or anything. The economy, while bad, will get better, and I'm honestly not concerned.

Now I just have to figure out how to save enough each month that I don't have to work. That might be difficult.


Aug. 15th, 2008 12:32 pm
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Maria recently took me aside, as I was explaining to her that I had another idea to make money, and told me an ancient Chinese proverb, as handed down to her in class: "A man chasing two rabbits ultimately catches none."

While I disagree with the statement (my original reply was "A man with a gun can chase three rabbits, and have a nice dinner"), the thought behind it is true. I have a million ideas, each one bound to bring me money, fame, friends, and fortune, but my ability to actually follow through with them is lacking. I have to focus. I have to pay attention to just one thing, not 78,642. If I can do that, I have a chance at success.

So I'm focusing. Still, on more than one thing because that's boring, but definitely on less than before. Here are my three focal points:

1. Clean the house, keeping it neat and tidy.
~You'd think this wouldn't be a focus, if you didn't know me. Anyone who has been in my house in the past knows that I need to focus deeply to get this one. I'm bad at "tidy," and horrible at "neat."

2. Pizzeria
~I want to start my own pizzeria, with the focal point being pizza and wings.

3. Food competitions
~This is on-the-side, but could very easily become a much more solid and mainstream part of my life if it turns out that I can do well in them. If I enter 100 and am not even close to winning, well, then I'll probably slow down, not enter a million at once, and just do a few here and there, but until then I want this to be part of the things I focus on.

So, there. Focus. Clean, create, and cook.

Oh, and lose weight.

And blog in all 7 of my blogs every day.

While we're at it, I need to keep taking pictures, and get better at that.

Plus volunteering at the SPCA.

Also, there's all these rabbits running around.

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