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Finish Arabic Final
A) Turn in test
Clean kitchen fully
Prep for tomorrow's game
Apply to jobs
Keep house warm
Cook dinner (ham takes 5 hours, start at noon)
Caulk toothbrush holder
Caulk light in bathroom
Caulk toilet (making tile job look better) to floor
Do laundry
Check backyard to see if muddy
A) If not muddy, let girls play in back
Figure out a system for the firewood
Put letter in mailbox before mailman comes

9:47 AM - I've finished my test and turned it in. I've already applied to one job this morning and that was before even 7 AM, but there's obviously more for me to apply to today when I have the time. The letter is in the mailbox and so we'll have water next month. Heh.

I'm just about to head out back to see whether the mud has become ice or not, as well as grabbing an armful of wood for the heat box. I don't know what I'm going to do for a "system" on the wood, but I'm sure I'd like to not have to carry it from all the way in back to the inside through inclement weather to keep the house warm.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

9:57 AM - Oh god the backyard is NOT ready for the girls to run around. My feet squelch as I walk, and I've already taken my shoes off! Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but still; it's pretty nasty back there. Maybe another full day of freeze. We'll see. Also, I'm thinking that the best way to get the wood from the outside to the inside is to just trudge back there and grab some every day. If I bring in a little more every day than I need, I'll soon have a full basket at the end of the day and I'll get a day off from the trudgery then start it all over again.

I think I'm going to have to cut wood soon if we want this to keep our house warm throughout the winter.

10:16 AM - The bathroom has been as caulked as possible. Unfortunately the light can't be caulked because it's not flush to the wall and I have no real way of pushing it into place to hold it while it dries. Maybe Maria can come up with something later, but I'm not all that worried; it looks fine as long as you don't stare at the light for a while.

On the other hand, the toilet and toothbrush holder look better now, and the holder is held in place by more than one poorly-placed screw.

11:00 AM - Laundry has been put into the washer. I would have done this first had I noticed it on the list, that way it would have been done by now. Of course for me all that "done" means is washed and dried. The to do itself IS done, but the laundry isn't, if that makes sense? It does to me and that's all that matters!

Good Eats is on right now and that does not help my productivity. Someone come turn off my computer!

11:12 AM - I found that I can apply to jobs while watching Good Eats without a real problem. That's GOOD! I've applied to about 10 jobs and I'm going to call that that for today. I did a lot of searching and that's about all I found that a) isn't a scam b) I haven't applied for already and c) is commesurate with my experience.

If I apply to 10 jobs a day I should theoretically hear back from about 1 per month if my records are right. *sigh*

12:09 PM - Ham's in the oven at 325 degrees for 25 minutes an hour. In 5 hours it should be delicious. Starting to get a headache; hopefully it's just that and not something like carbon monoxide poisoning...

4:05 PM - Not dead, just taking a long time in the kitchen. While it's not perfectly clean at least most of the dishes are done and the table is a clear surface ready for use. The major things are ready-to-go and tomorrow will be used as a final-prep day.

Tomorrow is also going to be my day to prepare for D&D. As the DM who has had 3 weeks to prepare you'd think I'd want to be a little more ready, but I like flying by the seat of my pants. Whoo!

Today was a good day. Much got done, I signed on on an assignment (which means I'll be making money; yay), and I'm not sick any more.


Overall EDIT: Hmm. Meant to post this over at [ profile] jfargo101, but I'm going to leave this one here. It won't become a common thing. Promise.

To Do

Nov. 24th, 2009 09:39 am
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With Thanksgiving coming up, my to do lists have gotten quite a bit larger than normal. Add to that the fact that I don't have a job, and the lists seem to get even bigger to account for the greater amount of time I supposedly have. (Though looking for a job can take just as long as having a job, as I'm sure we all know.)

I have trouble keeping track of my lists, so here's what I should be doing today:

Check work
Put together the bathroom cabinet
Hang the mirror - It only took me drilling four holes for what should have been a two-hole job. At least it's done...
Hang the toothbrush holder - Our current toothbrushes don't actually fit in the holder. It's funny.
Check on the turkey thawing - Should be done by Thanksgiving without a problem
Check on the leg of lamb thawing - Is done and ready for tomorrow's dinner
Make a grocery list of what we still need to buy - If there's more, I've forgotten it. Thankfully there's still tomorrow to buy stuff if I really have forgotten anything.
Check the salt level in the softener
Take out the garbage in the kitchen and any bathroom remodel garbage - Took out what I could, but the trash is now completely full. Thankfully tomorrow is garbage day.
Look for jobs / apply / repeat - Okay, technically an ongoing battle and I shouldn't ever really cross it off until I get a job, but I've already applied to two jobs today, and I have so much other stuff done I'm counting this as finished for now.
Wash all the dog bowls
Wash the blankets from the living room
Return items to the library - get some movies to watch - Didn't get any movies because we have Hulu to watch.
Get Groceries
Make dinner
Buy more salt for the softener
Add salt to softener
Change the filter on the shower head
a) Buy a new filter for shower head
Tidy up the kitchen/house
Fold blankets
Make a fire and use the cleaner log

Red items are items that I realized I cannot possibly do at the moment, and have added to do items under them to make it possible.
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Let's make this a list, since I'm short on patience this morning:

1. Maria's laptop should be arriving by 10:30 via UPS, lovingly shipped by Maria's parents to allow me to work from home, something I can't do over the Wii. (If you missed it, my computer broke, and the only access I have right now is via the Wii Internet Channel with my keyboard hooked up through USB.)

2. Last night Maria and I started taking Korean lessons. We're learning general greetings and the alphabet. This makes two new and completely different alphabets that I will know above and beyond the one I learned growing up.

3. I am soon going to be partnered with a Saudi Arabian student here at the University of Delaware in a language exchange program. I will be teaching him English (through simple everyday use and discussion), and he will be helping me learn colloquial Arabic. This goes well with my goal of becoming a translator, since the Arabic I'm learning in class (Modern Standard Arabic) is apparently understood by everybody, but spoken by nobody.

4. Che irumin Jeremiah imneda. Odi Gasayo? (That's all the Korean I know right now. "My name is Jeremiah. Where are you going?")

5. There is no number 5, and #4 was kind of phoned in, but lists look best in groups of 5, or so I've been told. Is it Friday evening yet? Please? Can I just be done? Thanks.

6! I remembered something that I think is worth recording while I was writing the tags to this entry: I went to the gym this morning, and in a half hour workout burned over 550 Calories. 562 to be exact, according to the machine. I impressed myself, and I think I've found my new focus during my morning workout routine.
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Three quick updates, and then I'm off to do my morning Wiirkout.

1) This is why I need an artist for my web comic idea:

A bad drawing of a man in a hat, leaning against a white background.

This picture, drawn by me, showcases the fact that I have NO idea what to do. Okay, you might point out that I've got the generalities right, that he has arms and legs, and a head, but what about hands? Or a freakin' face? Those two things are impossible for me to make look decent when I draw them.

Plus, that little sketch took me about 20 minutes. That's just sad.

2) I'm currently working on upgrading my zombie defense blog into something more than what it is. I'm wondering if Word Press might better suit my needs. Does anybody have experience with the free version?

3) My three favorite fantasy authors are Robin Hobb, Raymond Feist, and Jim Butcher. Terry Pratchett would be in there, but he's my favorite comedic author, so I wanted to make room for someone else.

I just thought you'd like to know something about me that you might not already have known. That, and I didn't actually have three things to say when I started, so I had to come up with something.
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The dogs just got back from their first day at Doggie Daycare, and from all reports, things went great. The dogs got some exercise on a dreary day, and Maria and I got to go out to breakfast without worrying what the dogs were destroying at home. It's good that this is working out, and we're going to make Fridays their usual playtime there.


I just started Project Flower on my picture blog, and would LOVE to see people on livejournal partaking in it as well, if you're interested.

Basically, it's ten days of flower pictures. Nothing complicated, just pretty.

Also, along that note, for those following Zombie Defense Contractors via the LJ Feed, there is now a weekly poll embedded on the site, so if you want to partake in that, please visit the site and put in your vote/opinion/statistic!


Maria, because of all of the days off she gets from working at the awesome college, has started taking off Fridays, meaning she's only working 4 days a week and getting paid for 5.

Lucky lady, isn't she? And I get her all to myself. Lucky guy, aren't I?

A List

May. 8th, 2008 02:41 pm
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Things I am grateful for this week:

  • Nice weather

  • The puppy play date went well

  • People realizing that Hillary Clinton has gone insane

  • We booked a trip to go to Disney in late July/early August

  • So did my parents

  • Being able to talk to old friends via email when I'm missing them in real life

  • My garden is growing nice and big, quickly

  • Making new friends through the local gaming shop community

  • I'm sure there's more, but that's what I have right now.

    What brings you a smile this week?

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